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U.P.C. Multi-Purpose Cloth Scrub Sponges for Kitchen – Non-Scratch Microfiber Sponge For Effortless Cleaning of Pots and Pans

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✪ CLEAN SMARTER – NOT HARDER: We all know the pain of scrubbing away dirty or burnt food on pots with a soft cloths, and the hassle of a dish cloth and scrubber taking up space on the sink. Why not get the best of both worlds with our brand designed scourer/ cloth combo sponge. ✪ MADE FOR A TOUGH JOB: These sponges were made to last. They’re made from the best quality polyester, polyamide and polyurethane, ensuring you they won’t wear out in few days like the average store-bought scouring pads do. ✪ Easy Hanging Design: Tired of leaving the sponges in dirty, bacteria breeding sink environment ?? Not any more, its easy-hanging design enables you to hang it after use. ✪ Double Side Use: One side is equipped with super absorbent sponge that is elastic, long lasting with high absorbency. The other side has nylon scouring pad that is tough on stains and soft on dish-surface. ✪ Combos: We bring to you high value saver combos that will last for months and offer you a great value for your money.