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U.P.C. Eco Friendly Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll of 50 Sheets Made with Bamboo Fiber Cloth- Anti-Bacterial, Fine Super-Absorbent Fabric Washable and Reusable (Set of 2 Rolls (100 Sheets))

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These reusable towels have been made using 70% bamboo pulp and 30% PET that makes it fine and extra strong. It can be reused multiple times that helps you save the paper. Its fineness that is derived due to its combination of Bamboo and PET makes it anti-bacterial. It is anti-bacterial growth that usually gets developed due to reuse of rayon and other kinds of fabric. VERSATILE – Soft enough to be used on skin and tough enough to be used as shop towels, our bamboo towels can be used almost anywhere. Perfect for household cleaning, travel, car, bathroom, pets, camping, personal care, daycare and more. Bamboo towels are so strong and absorbent that they can be used instead of name brand sweeper refills, saving you even more money. 🌿Multiple usages: You may use it as an oil absorbent from friend food, cleaning and wiping dishes, slabs etc. Most importantly, it can be used to wipe the fruits and vegetables and it significantly helps in removal of living bacteria and germs over the surface. 🌿Save Money: One roll can be used multiple times and it leads to money saving and adds a significant value of hygiene to your lifestyle.