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Introducing the UPC Pureatic Mop a revolutionary flat mop that follows the rules of hygiene and hygiene hygiene. Its microfiber pads are durable and sooth your feet without irritating your eyes. And its self-cleaning ability means your floors will always shine. UPC Spin Mop is the perfect mop for a light-as-air clean.

Make your home a home again with the UPC Pureatic Mops! This fascinatingly built-to-order mop is made of the highest quality microfiber and has an innovative self-cleaning process. Its microfiber pads are safe to use all types of flooring, and its microfiber blades are perfect for hardwood, vinyl and more. Finally, the Spare Your Hands Micro Compact Mop – Refills is a convenient and easy way to clean your hands without lolling your back. So why wait? Add this revolutionary mop to your home and start making your life easier.

UPCHome Pureatic Mops

UPC Offers many variety of mop such as spin mop, flat mop, etc.

UPCHome Spin Mop

UPC Spin Mop is designed to keep your floors, ceilings and walls looking polished and toasty. The U.P.C. Pureatic by UPC mops has a 2-3 quart bucket, stainless steel wringer and mop hat, and is easy to disassemble. The U.P.C. Pureatic by UPC Spin Mop is long-life, semi-hard and will last you generations.

UPC Pureatic Flat Mop

UPC flat mop is the perfect portable way to brush or sweep your floors. With a flat design, it is easy to pack up and travel with you on the go. Plus, the flat surface makes them perfect for all-over cleaning.


Pureatic Mop Spare

Flat mop rod


Pureatic Mop Spare

U.P.C. Pureatic Spin mop rod