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UPC Colored Multi Color Shinchan Decal Milk Mug/Big Size Cup (300 ml Capacity) Made of Fine Bone China, Light, Translucent Tableware/Kitchenware/Homeware Set of 2 Cups, Mutli Color

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Ultra Light & Strong: Fine Bone China is the lightest yet strongest of all the Ceramics tableware due to its high firing temperature of 1240c. White & Translucent: Our products have been manufactured with some of the finest and whitest clays from different parts of the world. Highest Thermal Shock Resistant: Our products have been quenched at the high firing temperature of 1240 c that makes them highest thermal shock resistant among all kinds of tableware including glassware, stoneware, opal ware. Hygienic & Safe: Glaze firing at 1100 c make our products safe for serving hot food, and extra smooth glaze layer makes it easy to clean. Environment Friendly: Our Products have been manufactured with environment friendly fuel ie. Natural Gas and we have no carbon footprints related to the production of our tableware.

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