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5 in 1 baby bouncer, multi purpose baby cradle, chair and sleeping bed, travel basket (Gr-Blue)

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  • Rock Sleeper – Let your baby sleep peacefully and silently
  • Rock & Play – Adjustable toy pole: leaf shaped toy pole with a cartoon bear pendant, if not necessary can be removable
  • Foot Support – Can be closed and fixed, can bve swayed back and forth whrn closed
  • Rocking Function – Fold out stand for rocking or static position
  • Travel Bassinet – You can carry your baby in bassinet whenever you want
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The 5 in 1 rocker with its clearly defined borders, calming music and vibrations create an ideal womb-like environment that wraps and soothes the baby. Quiet time alone is very important to baby’s development. Let your baby enjoy the gentle rocking movement of this 5 in 1 Rocker Bassinet. Toy bar with 1 plush toy, soft vibrations and soothing and playful music all stimulate baby’s senses.

Material: Space silk cotton, Plastic, Steel pipe

Applicable age: 1 to 36 months

Product composition: Bracket member, Toy pole, Multi-function vibration Music box, Sleeping pad 5 in 1 design:  Sleeping basket, Carrying basket, Baby rocking chair, Kids seat, Electric rocking crib

Intimate design creates a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby to fall asleep quickly. The touch is comfortable, does not damage the baby’s skin, the cloth cover is detachable, the steel pipe is thickened, and the carrying capacity is strong. Smooth and safe design to provide your baby with a comfortable natural sleeping space to help you comfort your baby before going to bed. With this rocking chair, the mother can take care of the baby more easily and accompany the baby to grow up healthily.

Safety system: Three-point safety belt, safety protection for baby legs, ankles and abdomen, shield to cover the buckle, baby can not unlock themselves, to avoid accidents.

Music Vibrating Box: Soothing battery operated vibration box with multiple heads to comfort your baby’s life and growth . The canopy can be adjusted or removed to give the baby a quiet space, and the third-position backrest adjustment can fully meet the baby’s life and growth needs







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