U.P.C. Pureatic Revolutionised Mopping 25 cm Spin Mop Equipped with Elution Scrubber Technology, Brushed Stainless Steel Bucket and Handle (2+2 Extra Refill Free)

Cleans anything and everything both Horizontally & Vertically: Whether it's wood/vinyl/marble or tiles, it cleans all floors, wall tiles, ceiling fan blades, glass windows etc. The microfiber pad collects hair and dander, food crumbs and dust like magic. Then it launders in your washing machine. Super- absorbent pads magically absorb dust and dirt with a swipe like never before. ✔ Elution Scrubber Technology: It is equipped with a scrubber that cleans the microfiber super absorbent pad to wipe out all the dust and gives you an ultra hygienic cleanliness. ✔ Stain Free Cleanliness: Unlike traditional mops that use threaded fiber that leaves stains and mopping marks, this microfiber mop leaves no mopping stain. It gives you a sparkling clean floor like that is as good as mopped with a fine silk cloth. ✔ Stainless Steel Creation: It is not just functionally & durably uncomparable but also aesthetically outstanding. Its designed using the high strength brushed Stainless Steel with optimum 300 mm diameter bucket and sturdy Stainless Steel mop handle with silicone grip with easy air flow for easy cleaning. ✔ Spin up for squeezing and down for scrub washing : One bucket, water saving design that serves both for squeezing and scrubbing. It can give way better cleaning than traditional mops with just 40% of water, and hence it is more environment friendly and user friendly